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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our products, website, and services. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, contact one of our Customer Care Advisors who’ll be more than happy to help.

Questions on Shopping Our Site

Q1: Where can I buy Becasa?

Our online store currently ships to China only. While we work on international shipping to your country, please visit our retail partners for your country or region.

Q2: What's the difference between the way products look online and offline?

How our products appear online has a lot to do with your monitor resolution. To aid in your visualization of the product, we strive to provide you with good quality images, large photographs, and the ability to zoom in on photographs online. Rest assured that when our product arrives it will always measure up to our company’s stringent quality standards.

Q3: Why don't the bowls I order from the same collection look the same?

Variations in glaze and color are naturally occurring and intentional, a design signature unique to some of our collections. They are in no way manufacturing defects and should be celebrated for their one-of-a-kind human touch.

Q4: How much is the delivery charge?

Delivery charges vary by the destination and the method selected. For further information on delivery charges where you plan to ship to, please check our delivery page.

Q5: How long will it take for my order to arrive?

How long it’ll take for your order to arrive depends on the destination and delivery method selected. For further information about estimated delivery times to your destination, please visit our delivery page.

Q6: Can I specify a delivery time?

Unfortunately, we can’t select or specify an exact time. To track your order, simply log into your account, or check your shipping confirmation email, to monitor its progress.

Q7: How do I cancel or change an order?

Changed your mind? Please contact our Customer Care team as soon as you realize that you need to change the details of your order. Please note that if your order has already been processed, it may be too late to cancel or change the delivery. You can return the order once it is received. In the event you refuse an order after it has been shipped, you’ll be responsible for any shipping charges related to that order.

Q8: How can I update my details?

Updating your details is simple. You can manage your details by logging into your account here. If you have any problems doing so, please contact our Customer Care team.

Q9: Does your website have a Wedding List?

Yes, we currently have a wedding list with our suggestions for your reference. We are also consistently rolling out new features, though, so please check back in the future!

Q10: Do you offer any gift wrapping or gift card services?

We are willing to offer you gift wrapping. On the other hand, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and website features, so keep checking back for more information and updates.

Q11: How secure are my details?

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. At Becasa we take every step to keep your financial information private and safe, and all transactions occur in a secure area of our site so that you can buy online with confidence.

Product Questions

Q1: I have a question about a Becasa product, what do I do?

If you have already checked the product page and still can’t find the answer, then please contact Customer Care.

Q2: I've received my order and I have breakage within the order?

In order for us to best assist you with a broken item within one of our Ecommerce orders, we require a picture clearly displaying the damaged area of the item. Please include your order number in the email and email to

Q3: What is Becasa tableware made of?

All of our casual tableware collections are made using either porcelain or stoneware, making all modern Becasa plates, bowls, mugs, and Becasa serving platters free from animal products such as bone. Also, if you prefer to buy bone china, you can see our bone china series.

Q4: What kind of bone is used in making Becasa bone china?

Our china is manufactured with a type of soft-paste porcelain, which contains greater than 35% tricalcium orthophosphate. This makes our china extremely hard and durable and cannot absorb fluids or food. The processing of the china results in a beautiful translucent white appearance, which is considered among the strongest types of porcelain in the industry. Our (fine) bone china contains bone ash in the ingredients.

Q5: Why do my plates have grey marks on them?

Some Becasa stoneware owners notice grey marks or ‘scratches’ on their dinnerware. Please don’t panic—this isn’t a defect. These marks can occur when metal utensils are used and meet the hard glazes typically used by most stoneware manufacturers.

Stoneware glazes look and feel very smooth—however the surface is made up of microscopic ‘peaks and valleys’. When metal utensils touch the surface of the stoneware, often being softer than the glaze, tiny metal particles get caught in the microscopic valleys, causing those grey marks.

Though some customers refer to these as scratches, there’s not usually any actual damage to the glaze or the stoneware body. The metal deposits can be removed with a variety of cleansers. The combination of chemical action and a mild abrasive in the cleaner easily removes the metal particles from the glaze…


Q6: What's the difference between the way products look online and offline?

There’s nothing quite like getting your hands on Becasa designs and seeing them with your own eyes, however, we know that this isn’t always possible. How the colors of products appear on our website has a lot to do with your monitor or phone screen resolution. To help you visualize our products, we strive to provide you with the best imagery.

Q7: Where are Becasa products made?

100% made in China.

Our Design Team is based in Becasa(Shenzhen office), China. In addition to our own design team, we also work with the best designers across the world whose skills and artistic attainments are as high as ours. To ensure that processes from designing and developments, manufacturing activities,  and precise tolerances for complete customer satisfaction. In addition,  we maintain exactly the same engineering excellence and proven quality control in all our owned facilities, where we continue to produce products and adhere to our world-famous standards.

Around the world, the vision of Becasa, based on the brand values of quality, craftsmanship and innovation, has not changed and continues to be 100% Becasa.

General Questions

Q1:What is Becasa's stance on sustainability?

We’re constantly looking for new ways to increase the use of recycled or renewable materials in our products, reduce unnecessary packaging and be as thoughtful, efficient and sustainable as possible. Read Becasa’s Sustainability Effort and find out more about what we’re doing specifically for Becasa on our dedicated Sustainability page.

Q2: How can I find out the latest news from Becasa?

We love sharing our latest news and keeping you inspired with fresh ideas, trends, and collections. To stay up to date, sign up to our email Newsletter, subscribe to our Blog, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, and tag us in your photos!

Q3: Where are Becasa based?

The Becasa Head Office is based in the China. Our registered office address is: Ruyi Road, Fengxi district, Chaozhou city, Guangdong, China.

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