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The Becasa Craft

From the indigenous raw materials to the collective imagination of our designers, craftsmen, and specialists: it’s the journey that breathes life into every Becasa piece.

Refined For Over 20 Years

From a factory in Chaozhou, China – China Ceramics Capital – to the world. In spite of how much has changed, we’ve never lost sight of our roots, continually building on traditional ceramics techniques to create better, more innovative products.


We begin with the preparation of the finest raw materials: silky clay that is ground, sieved, demagnetized, and filtered to our exacting standards.


A clay base is shaped in artisan-designed 3D plaster molds. It is used in conjunction with a shaped profile which forms the shape of the back. The excess clay is removed.


Seam marks in the molding process are removed, excess clay is cut away and the surface is sponged and smoothed by hand before the piece is ready to be fired.


Pieces are hand-painted to design specifications or glazed to achieve precisely or a delimited range of effects like transparency, opacity, or glossy/matte.


Glazed wares are fired a second time at 1,250–1,350 degrees Celsius for a perfect finish. If decal decorations are needed, they are applied and the pieces fired for the third time.


Finished products are inspected thoroughly for quality assurance. If they meet our high standards, they are packed and then delivered to our exclusive service partners or direct to customers.

Our Factory In Chaozhou

100% owned by Becasa co., Ltd, our factory is where we make all our products from start to finish. We are incredibly proud of the quality we achieve and stand for. It’s how we know our products become popular across over 50 countries around the world.

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