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Create Unique & Beautiful Houseware

“The Becasa” brand aspiring to create products that enrich your everyday life.

Welcome To "The Becasa"

For many years, BECASA has delivered quality products in interior design and lifestyle to international top brand companies. Through “the becasa”, we can now delight consumers. Our focus and goal have always been to create designed and functional products for the home. The gift is very important and will continue to be so. Our hallmark is trendy interior design in the home together with nice packaging. We work to create memories. Our vision Creating Memories is something that permeates everything we do, from product development to those who come in contact with us. Our focus has always been to create designed and functional products for home and leisure and package them in such a way that the whole experience becomes memorable.

Our Initiatives

“THE BECASA” brand is committed to continually integrating responsible and sustainable business practices across our operations. Below are some initiatives that we have been working on and things that we’re working towards.

Carbon neutral shipping

When available, we are participating in our carriers’ carbon neutral program to support emissions reduction and work on mitigating the climate impact of shipping parcels.

We’ve been working with our warehouse and distribution center to switch from plastic to paper-based packing materials for our shipping boxes.

Removing plastic from shipping boxes

Going paperless

We’ve been increasing the usage of digital tools to replace the catalogs that were being printed for our tradeshows and sales representatives.

All of our products are made of high-quality, responsibly sourced materials that are safe to use and BPA-free. We continue to partner with carefully vetted factories in China and overseas that align with BECASA’s high product quality standards and values on responsible manufacturing.

Upholding the value of responsible manufacturing

Embracing diversity and inclusion

BECASA company will have offices in Europe and the US, and we also have distribution partners worldwide. Our team members represent multiple nationalities, ages, gender, sexual orientation, academic and professional backgrounds. We are committed to creating an environment where everyone’s creativity and experiences are valued, and where equal opportunity and treatment are afforded to all.

Our Team Is Growing!

We’ve come a long way already, and we’re growing fast. Join the best team you’ll ever be a part of! Become a “the becasa” staff and let’s grow together.

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