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The Becasa Ultimate Candle Gifting Guide

” Gifting candles – Choosing the right candle type, scent & wax.”

Is there anything more relaxing and welcoming than a set of gorgeous candles burning amidst a dinner table setting? Imagine, when you sitting in a room filled with the indulgent scent of green tea and bamboo as candles burn soothingly on a coffee table, enriching the welcoming and warming feeling of your home.

Candles are a favorite gift for special occasions and holidays, mainly due to there’s so much choice that you can find candle shapes, candle styles, and scents that are loved by everyone. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for candles to gift for your family, friends, or colleagues this year, candles are a present positively received by all.

Types of candles

  • Add romance to your dinner table with XXXX, stylishly displayed in xxxxx(diffuser).
  • Create a soothing ambiance around your home with lit tealights (scented or unscented, your choice!), perfectly held in XXXX(diffuser).
  • Votive candles make a wonderful lasting gift. Discover our XXX candles which make a stylish home accessory long after the scented candle has burnt down.

To scent or not to scent?

Candles come in all shapes and styles, from simple designs that are unscented to more intricate patterns and scented waxes, there’s a candle design out there to suit every home. When deciding on whether to gift your friend or loved one a scented or unscented candle, it’s good to start by thinking of where they would place the candle in their home, and what types of scent they prefer.

If you want to give the gift of relaxation and calm, then a XXX Candle will be the ideal gift. The scented candle wax produces soothing aromas of bamboo and green tea, washing any room with an oasis of calm and stress-busting scents.

For those who prefer the warming flicker of candlelight without the scent, consider gifting them a new bone china diffuser, expertly crafted to hold any candle. The beautiful translucency of the china allows the delicate play of candlelight to flicker through, creating a soothing atmosphere in any room.

Which candle scent is right for you?

There are so many scents to choose from when it comes to candle scents. Are you an exotic scent fan or a classic scent fan?

Different types of candle wax

The main types of candle wax found in candles these days are either paraffin-based wax or soy-based wax. Both types of candle wax have their advantages:

Paraffin wax

  • Ideal for scented candles as it has a good scent throw.
  • Even burn characteristics throughout the candle.
  • Clean burning.

Soy wax

  • Non-toxic, clean burn.
  • A typically longer burn time than paraffin wax.
  • An environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative

Candle wicks & burn time

When searching for candles for gifting, it’s good to keep in mind the type of candle wicks and how this affects the burn time of the candle. From wooden wicks to zinc core wicks and paper core wicks, there are a variety of different candle wicks found in candles nowadays.

At Becasa, we use a variety of wick types. If looked after correctly, our candles will burn for hours and hours, ensuring lasting relaxation and enjoyment. A good way to look after your candles is to center and trim the wick to ½ inch (1cm) before lighting, and to never burn for longer than 4 hours at a time.

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