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Portugal is the land of sunshine, good wine, good food, and fine ceramics. These feel-good factors come to mind when we think of this great country.

The Portuguese have been using clay since prehistoric times and today these skilled artisans are transforming this ancient heritage into a new art form.

Currently, there are three museums in Portugal dedicated to ceramics.

  • Ceramic museum in Caldas da Rainha;
  • Pottery museum in Barcelos;
  • Tiles museum in Lisbon;

In this article, we will explore some of the best-known ceramic manufacturers and companies in Portugal, from a professional point of view.


Porcel SA, founded in 1987, is a renowned brand and manufacturer of fine porcelain. The Porcel combines handcrafted tradition and technological innovation to form original products of high quality, elegance, and creativity.

Top 10 Porcelain Companies In Portugal-Porcel

For Porcel, the choice of raw materials is important. Each product is designed, shaped, and molded to exacting standards of precision, and Porcel porcelain is also made with high-quality glaze. The raw materials for the glaze are imported directly from France. After the ceramics are fired at high temperatures, the pigments become translucent, non-porous enamel, which also allows the porcelain to be stronger and more durable.

Vista Alegre

The Vista Alegre porcelain factory was founded in 1824 in the central Portuguese offshore region. Vista Alegre has a wide range of products: tableware, decorative porcelain, gifts, hotel ware, crystal glasses, etc. All products are produced with high technology and high-quality standards. All products are produced with high-technology machines and high-quality standards.

Top 10 Porcelain Companies In Portugal-Vista Alegre

In addition, Vista Alegre has 17 hand painters who hand-paint the porcelain to ensure that each decorative piece is as unique as a work of art. Today, Vista Alegre is no longer just a porcelain workshop, but a repository of social and artistic memories, a calling card of the Portuguese national identity.

Costa Nova

Costa Nova is a small resort in the north of Portugal, and Costa Nova tableware is brought into the brand with the name of the place, giving a simple and relaxed feeling of a small town by the sea, full of natural and warm images.

Top 10 Porcelain Companies In Portugal-Costa Nova

All of their ceramics are fired at a high temperature of 1180ºC (2160ºF) and are highly resistant to scratches and shocks. Therefore, they can withstand temperatures from -20ºC to 250ºC (0°F to 500°F) and can be used in the freezer, refrigerator or oven. In addition, their porcelain does not contain lead or cadmium and is certified internationally for food safety.

This is due to the fact that the brand uses only natural Portuguese clay in high-temperature kilns and insists on producing high-quality and durable dinnerware. The rim of the cups and plates is also made with a traditional Portuguese technique that expresses the vintage, original taste of the clay, which is justified by the fact that it gives each utensil a thicker feel.

Mesa Ceramics

Founded in 2017, Mesa Ceramics is a young and dynamic Portuguese factory dedicated to the manufacture and design of stylish and high-quality boutique ceramic products. The factory specializes in the production of stoneware as well as decorative tableware. In addition, the factory specializes in creating stoneware with matte and reactive glossy glaze surfaces, which differentiates their products from other pieces on the market. If you want to buy stoneware tableware in a wide variety of textures and colors, then Mesa Ceramics is a company you should consider.

Top 10 Porcelain Companies In Portugal-Mesa Ceramics

Nosse Ceramic

Nosse Ceramic is a new brand that was established in the last few years. Their idea is to use these traditional ceramic-making techniques to create containers. On the other hand, in order to add color to the table and to life, they also pay great attention to the sustainability of traditional craftsmanship. This new brand is one of the brands you can consider if you are looking for a ceramic tableware set with more human emotions.

Top 10 Porcelain Companies In Portugal-Nosse Ceramics


Ceramirupe is a Portuguese ceramic manufacturer, known for excellence and quality in the production of tableware and stoneware decorations since its establishment in 1987. In addition to carefully researching and developing the best solutions and products for the Ceramirupe range, this company has always adapted to the changing market needs with the highest standards.

Top 10 Porcelain Companies In Portugal-Ceramirupe

In recent years, Ceramirupe has also created its own brand “TERRAFINA”. Thanks to the use of reactive glazes in most of their tableware. These glazes, when fused during the high-temperature firing process, produce unique and surprising surface designs/patterns. It is these individual finishes that make each item of Ceramirupe unique.

Becasa Porcelain

Becasa Porcelain is an international ceramic brand company that has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing ceramics. Currently, their products are sold in over 60 countries around the world. Becasa Porcelain is fired at over 1320 degrees and is strong and durable. In addition to porcelain, this company also specializes in making beautiful, high-quality stoneware by invoking reactive glazes.

Top 10 Porcelain Companies In Portugal-Becasa Porcelain

Also, starting in 2020, they started to promote and sell under their own home living brand “The Becasa”. The product line ranges from tableware, tea sets, and home decor to ceramic lamps.

In addition to having its own brand, Becasa Porcelain has collaborated with several international specialty restaurants, luxury hotels, and renowned chefs. Becasa Porcelain offers a range of boutique products for professionals, in addition to a custom service that provides design and technical solutions for different categories of dining venues.

Arfai Ceramics

Arfai is located in Alcobaça, in the west of Portugal. It has been a professional ceramic manufacturer for more than 25 years and supplies international brands from all over the world. It is the accumulation of years of experience, skills, and expertise that allows Arfai to produce almost any ceramic product. If you are a brand owner who has an idea and wants to make it happen, Arfai is a ceramics manufacturer worth working with.

Top 10 Porcelain Companies In Portugal-Arfai Ceramics


Grestel is a ceramic factory located in Portugal. They combine the ancient techniques of shaping and decorating through a special process with modern technology. In this way, they produce high-quality fine stoneware products that will withstand many years of daily use. Their pottery is fired in a single fire ring system heated to 1180 ºC, making it very strong and durable. The high-temperature firing results in a completely glassy glaze and a high resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks.

Top 10 Porcelain Companies In Portugal-Grestel

Mat Ceramica

Mat Ceramica was founded in 2000 in Vale de Ourém, Batalha, Portugal, specializing in the production of stoneware and earthenware tableware ceramics. In addition, this company has a strong focus on sustainability. 2021 saw the completion of the expansion of its solar power plant, which extends solar panels to the roof of the production facility. 90% of Mat Ceramica’s production is exported. The main exports are to the United States, Germany, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and China. Currently, most of the products can be found in major retail chains and department stores.

Top 10 Porcelain Companies In Portugal-Mat Ceramica


Becasa Porcelain

Becasa Porcelain

We are one of the world's leading porcelain brands providing natural premium materials for everyday & evermore. We aim to inspire people to live better lives and more sustainable lifestyles. We want our products to make you feel the right amount of cozy. Becasa Porcelain, enrich your daily life!


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