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Spain, in addition to the spirited flamenco dance, passionate soccer, and heroic bullfighters, there is also very characteristic Spanish ceramics.

Valencia, known as the “porcelain capital”, is the most famous ceramics production area in Spain. It is rich in ceramic raw materials, rich in clay, and kaolin, and concentrates more than 80% of Spain’s ceramic production. Here, there is a wide variety of ceramic stores on the street. But the most impressive is the Lladro porcelain. In this article, we will explore with you the prestigious porcelain companies in Spain.


Lladró, the leading Spanish luxury porcelain brand. Lladró’s porcelain has been the preferred choice of the Spanish royal family on many diplomatic occasions. The importance of Lladró in the art world has been recognized by museums and art and cultural institutions around the world. For example, the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, the International Porcelain Museum in Juanza, Italy, and the National Ceramics Museum in Valencia, Spain. All of these museums have classified Lladro’s artworks as part of their permanent collections. In addition, many famous Hollywood stars also use them as decorative and elegant gifts.

Top 10 porcelain companies in Spain-LLARDRO

At Lladro, a medium-sized sculpture requires about 15 to 20 molds. Complex works may require as many as 300 molds. In front of the artisans are several identical models of porcelain dolls. When they finish one, they pick up another identical model. Although it is the same model, they put a lot of concentration and passion, which makes each porcelain doll have a beautiful life, which is a valuable emotional value in ceramics.


PORVASAL is another famous Spanish porcelain brand. The porcelain they produce is double-fired at 1400 degrees, in addition more delicate, durable, and lustrous, but also safer and more environmentally friendly. Generally speaking, porcelain means that ceramic fired over 1280 degrees.

Top 10 porcelain companies in Spain-PORVASAL

In addition, their tableware is mainly clean white porcelain, generous and simple, which is the choice of many Michelin restaurants. More is the main supplier of hotel tableware in Spain, a tourist country.

This company’s porcelain is not expensive, even as a daily household, it is more than suitable. If you are looking for dessert plates, again Porvasal is a very good choice. The shapes are diverse and not exaggerated.


If you are looking for some unique, versatile porcelain with a great sense of design, then PORDAMSA can definitely meet any of your requirements.

Top 10 porcelain companies in Spain - PORDAMSA

As this kind of design sense of porcelain also the preservation and cleaning will be more trouble. Therefore, they are more common in small and fine-dining restaurants. Large hotel chains are much less likely to use them.


Becasa Porcelain is a young porcelain manufacturer with 20 years of experience in over 60 countries worldwide. They have created collections of modern porcelain concepts with their close-to-life design concepts. In addition to the contemporary design, their products are made with the user’s lifestyle in mind. The durability of Becasa Porcelain is created after firing at over 1320 degrees. Their product line ranges from tableware, teaware, and home decor to ceramic lamps.

Top 10 porcelain companies in Spain - BECASA PORCELAIN

It is their uncompromising dedication to quality and design that has contributed to the excellent reputation of their own brand, THE BECASA. Their products are originally designed and manufactured in China and then exported worldwide. Currently, the brand is undergoing a rapid growth phase and has many loyal users.


CERAMICA PLANAS S.L. was founded around 1920 by José Planas in the city of Breda Girona to meet the needs of the region. Manufactures refractory clay pots for cooking and jars for storing food.

Top 10 porcelain companies in Spain - CERAMICA PLANAS

In today’s fast-moving times, it is one of the main objectives of CERAMICA PLANAS to preserve a purely handmade ceramic collection. They want to keep this collection so that customers can still enjoy cooking in large pieces.


BONE & WHITE is a team that loves life and the dining table experience. It is this passion of theirs that allows them to keep bringing customers a variety of surprising products. And as they say, they want to make the table and the components that make it a part of laughter, enjoyment, celebration, and wine.

Top 10 porcelain companies in Spain - BONE AND WHITE

If you want to share the good moments of your life with the people around you, then I am sure you can find the right product for you at Bone & White.


CATALONIA PLATES was founded in 1975 in La Bisbal d’Empordà (Girona) as a family business. But that doesn’t stop them from striving to create an enriching experience at the dinner table. When you have a deep understanding of them, you will find this company creates combines inspiration, creativity, and technology into a passionate workforce.

Top 10 porcelain companies in Spain - CATALONIA PLATES

Currently, CATALONIA PLATES’s designs are becoming more and more famous with the collaboration of various famous international chefs. In addition, they are able to provide aesthetic and functional solutions for a wide range of demanding hospitality projects.


Raynaud is a brand that has continued the Limoges porcelain tradition for more than a century through three generations of entrepreneurs. For over a century, Raynaud has been dedicated to creating exquisite porcelain, always in search of elegance and generosity. Their expertise is combined with the keen sense of detail that characterizes Raynaud porcelain. Its exceptional quality is now recognized worldwide.

Top 10 porcelain companies in Spain - RAYNAUD

Each of their new collections requires careful design to find exceptional finishes and refinement. From the design studio to the decorative workshop, all unique designs are the result of rare technical know-how of which Raynaud is proud.


CEGECO is a Spanish company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of home, hotel, and camping home furnishings. They have several product lines ranging from glass, ceramic, and stainless steel to plastic.

Top 10 porcelain companies in Spain - CEGECO

Also, they develop their own brands through an outsourced production model. 24% of CEGECO’s catalog is made of ceramic material products such as pottery or porcelain. Their products are supplied in large quantities to hotels around the world.


Pomelo Casa is a must-visit store if you’re looking for porcelain with Spanish character and design. Each of their pieces is handmade in southern Spain by a small family-run workshop that has been using the same traditional techniques and designs for more than five centuries. As a result, the traditional Spanish design and colors are preserved.

Top 10 porcelain companies in Spain - POMELO CASA

Building on the traditional green and blue color palette, Pomelo Casa has expanded the collection to create yellow, coral, mauve, peach, and black – a modern interpretation of classic design.


Becasa Porcelain

Becasa Porcelain

We are one of the world's leading porcelain brands providing natural premium materials for everyday & evermore. We aim to inspire people to live better lives and more sustainable lifestyles. We want our products to make you feel the right amount of cozy. Becasa Porcelain, enrich your daily life!


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