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A Tea Lovers Guide To Buying The Best Tea Sets

When buying a new tea set, it’s better to decide what items you want to buy to create the look you love. Creating your own unique afternoon tea style is easy, just mix and match patterns from collections you like and you’ll have a style that is all your own.

What to think about when buying tea sets

If you’re going to prepare an afternoon tea party, you can choose the best tea sets, selecting the most delicious teas, and laying the table in a style that shows off your own individual tastes can be as simple as selecting your favorite teaware. We’ve put together this handy tea guide so you can paint your table with different colors or patterns.

There are a few items you’ll definitely want in your tea set, though, such as:

Discover our colorful teaware, tea sets, or drinkware to create your very own afternoon tea style.

Top tip: Different types of tea require different water temperatures and steeping times. Always check the brewing instructions on the box to get the most flavor from your tea.

Use your best teaware to host in style


You don’t need an excuse to use your bone china or porcelain, after all, it’s made to be used every day. Your favorite tableware and teaware patterns can be mixed and matched together to create an afternoon tea table setting that’s as unique as you are. Some of our collections that mix well together are:

Top tip: Are you want to serve cakes and treats at your afternoon tea party? Saucers are a great way to serve small cakes and biscuits, but for larger sweet treats a side plate or cake stand is king (or queen). Opt for a XXX Cake Stand for an extra indulgent touch, or the XXX 2 Tier Cake Stand for a colorful centerpiece.

Make your own rules when hosting an afternoon tea party


Tea parties don’t have to be a boring formal sit-down affair. If you’re more on the wild side, skip the tea altogether and serve punch from your teapot for a more grown-up afternoon tea party. There are plenty of wild and wonderful patterns to suit the occasion, after all, the host sets the rules.

Top tip: Teapots are a simple but stylish way to serve tea at your afternoon tea party. Brew a pot, pour a cup, and put the world to rights. Go bold with a PARROT teapot for a stunning afternoon tea centerpiece.

Serve your tea from a teapot for an extra surprise


The best way to make your afternoon tea party that little bit extra special is to serve your tea blend of choice from a teapot. Brewing your tea in a large, colorful teapot and serving your guests will add that focal point to your afternoon tea setup.

Top tip: Want to put that finishing touch to your afternoon tea setting? Sugar bowls and milk jugs can really set off your table with a flourish. The VINTAGE Sugar Bowl and Milk / Cream Jug provides a beautifully simple textured addition to your teaware.

4 simple steps for hosting afternoon tea


Step 1: Set the table

Teacups and saucers, side plates, cake stands, teapots, creamers, and sugar bowls will all make your afternoon tea party more stylish and easier to host.

Step 2: Brew your favorite tea blends the right way

Always read the packaging for the best way to brew your favorite tea blends to get the best flavors and aromas from the tea.

Step 3: Cakes and snacks are just as important

Don’t forget to add some light food options and sweet treats to the menu.

Step 4: Don’t take yourself too seriously

Tea parties are supposed to be fun, so don’t stress about making it the perfect afternoon tea party, just do what makes you happy.

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