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Bamboo 9 Piece Reactive Glaze Stoneware Tea Set For 4


Inspired by the natural lines of bamboo knots, the Bamboo series of tea sets feature reactive glaze with a texture like the surface ash of bamboo. The low-saturation colors make the entire collection both functional and decorative, perfect for use in the tea room, dining room, and home.

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  • The Bamboo series adopts the design of bamboo joints, and variable glaze, taking into account the dual functions of use and decoration;
  • 9-piece tea set; service for 4;
  • Safe in your microwave, oven, and freezer as well as dishwasher-safe;
  • Includes:
    1 pcs 800ml teapot;
    4 pcs 280ml teacup;
    4 pcs 5.1-inch dish;


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