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That’s it! You have just moved into your new home. After several complicated days or weeks, synonymous with stress and effort, now is the time for comfort! You can’t wait to show your friends your new home and treat them to a good meal. A beautiful evening in perspective!

However, organizing a housewarming party can be a real headache: what dishes to prepare? What activities to offer your guests? How to avoid monster dishes the next day? Becasa Porcelain has thought of you and gives you its best advice for a successful housewarming.

The kitchen, the strategic room for a successful rack

It’s D-Day! You’ve invited all your friends, and told your new neighbors and here you are in front of your stove. You’ve bought all the food you need, the recipes are in front of you, your kitchen is tidy and you’re ready to start cooking. Ready to spend a considerable amount of time in this room to delight the taste buds of your guests.

Hence the importance of opting for a functional kitchen: your work areas must be clear and easy to access, in order to avoid becoming cluttered quickly. You must be able to move quietly from one strategic point to another and have everything within easy reach. Having a well-organized kitchen and a neat work plan will be your main assets for a successful meal, and preparing it with complete peace of mind.

Here are some tips to get your cooking session off to a good start while avoiding catching fire at the magnitude of the task.

A successful housewarming is above all about delighting your guests!

You are still in front of your stove: it is time to start preparing the dishes. If you are few, you can opt for a traditional meal, at the table. Otherwise, you can opt for the famous aperitif dinner, practical for everyone. That’s good!

Becasa Porcelain advises you to prepare small snacks, a few appetizers, such as vegetable sticks accompanied by sauces (aïoli, American, béarnaise, barbecue, etc.), seasonal salads, small cubes of cheese, small sausages to bite into … You can also prepare one or two pizzas to make the taste buds of your guests sing with happiness! If you are organizing your housewarming party in the summer, you can totally opt for a plancha, a safe bet!

When organizing a dinner aperitif, the objective is to allow each guest to choose according to their wishes. And since you will have to prepare many dishes for yourself, the trick is to make large quantities that you can then cut into small portions.

Make a gratin dauphinois. You will place small portions of it in verrines and voila. A large pizza cut into small squares, which you can peck with a toothpick, and you are sure to make people happy. The same goes for croque-monsieur, which you can make with kilo bread bought at the bakery. Large slices that you cut into strips a few centimeters wide and here you are with a beautiful, well-filled tray.

Of course, all of this is garnished with small vegetables. Raw or cooked, arranged in salad bowls with many individual sauces in self-service. Carrots, cucumber, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes of all colors, baby corn, sweet and sour pickles…

Which drinks for a housewarming party?

In terms of drinks, it’s party time, let’s get loose: we bring out the champagne and the punch! You can also, if you feel like a bartender, make cocktails: a pina colada, a mojito, a sangria… But be careful, always in moderation!

In the case of table meals, wine is traditionally used. It goes well with your dishes and always gives connoisseurs an interesting topic of conversation. Some of your guests will also bring you a drink. It is often a good idea to drink with them what they have brought back.

Non-alcoholic drinks are not left out. Do not hesitate to regularly offer your guests soft drinks, which will only have the task of hydrating them during this long, often festive evening. The cocktails are also appreciated without alcohol. You will find everywhere on the internet delicious drinks to prepare without a drop of alcohol. Young and old can then drink them without moderation!

A living evening, between the kitchen and living room

You have cooked well, the meal and the drinks are ready, and the guests will be there soon. You have prepared the room for the festivities well… Time for you to take stock of the evening’s activities, in order to enhance your housewarming party.

On the program tonight: karaoke, Twister, card games, Loup Garou, and other Beer Pong will be your best allies. And why not propose a themed evening? Star Wars, Hippie Chic, gangsters, and pin-ups… Let your imagination run wild!

Your guests are coming! Head to the kitchen to fix the last little details and have fun!

A successful housewarming also means a successful aftermath: the hardships of storage and washing up

It was a memorable evening: your guests enjoyed themselves and had a great time. Everyone is gone, well almost… The dishes are still there! It has accumulated throughout the evening… You will now have to clean everything!

If you have a functional and well-equipped kitchen, the dishwasher will be your best friend. Otherwise, here are some tips!

During your evening, try to limit the dishes as much as possible. There are two options for this: you can either opt for biodegradable cutlery and plates. Or you can also ask your guests to use only one glass, one porcelain plate, and one flatware set of cutlery.

Another tip: remember to rinse the cutlery quickly and soak the plates. You will then prevent grease from becoming embedded in the dishes and cleaning will be even easier.

Also, clean as soon as possible: it’s not always easy to motivate yourself to put everything away and polish everything after a party. But it will save you a lot of work later on!

Finally, Becasa Porcelain advises you to stack your dishes well in your kitchen: this will allow you to avoid overloading and avoid cleaning a mountain of dishes! Come on, courage, it’s almost over!

A housewarming party can seem like a complicated event to organize. With a well-organized kitchen, quality ingredients, and some good ideas, this evening will be a pleasure to prepare. We hope that this guide has helped you (or will help you!) to organize the housewarming party of your dreams and that your evening was crowned with success!


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