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Coffee has gradually become a necessity for office workers. A cup of energy slowly hot coffee, in addition to starting your day with energy, also allows you to enjoy that coffee time after a busy day. This is the meaning of the travel mug, used to replace the environmentally friendly disposable paper cups, to do their part for the environment.

If you don’t know how to choose, take a look at this article from Becasa Porcelain. It might help you pick a ceramic travel mug that is both functional and design-oriented.

What are the benefits of travel mugs?

In the past two years, more and more environmentally conscious cafes will offer some “green discounts” and encouraged guests to bring their own coffee cups to minimize the waste of disposable cups. This new way of consumption allows us to save money and show a little kindness to our planet simultaneously. So, it would be best if you considered getting a travel mug.

In addition to being easy and safe to carry and unbreakable, travel mugs also allow you to have a warm drink at any time when you are out and about.

What materials are available for travel mugs?

Overall, the biggest key to keeping your drink tasty comes from its insulation and cold retention. This has a lot to do with its choice of materials and design structure. Moreover, some materials are not suitable for coffee, tea, and other beverages, and the smell will be difficult to eliminate after a long time.

Overall, from the perspective of insulation and cold, “stainless steel”, and “double-layer ceramic” are good choices.

Reusable plastic

Reusable plastics are the most common material used in travel mugs. They are the most cost-effective and the cheapest of all materials. And it’s lightweight and easy to carry around. But plastic cups are very prone to absorbing odors from various beverages and leaving stains. Therefore, it must be cleaned promptly after daily use.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel travel mugs are a little heavy to carry in your bag, but they do a great job of keeping the heat in. On the other hand, stainless steel is non-porous, which means they are easy to clean and rust-resistant. However, if you want to use a stainless steel travel mug for tea or coffee, it may not be suitable, and you need to reconsider other materials for your travel mug.


Although glass travel mugs don’t leave stains and smell like plastic mugs, they do break easily. So be careful not to bump them in daily use.


Bamboo travel mugs are an environmentally friendly material and besides the fact that they are sustainable, they are also very sturdy. But again, they do tend to get dirty and retain the taste of previous drinks just as easily as plastic cups.


Paper travel mugs are often found in cafes. And it’s unlikely that a paper cup will survive more than two uses. Also, they are usually covered with a thin layer of plastic, which means they need to be professionally recycled.


If you wish to keep your drink (tea or coffee) in a travel mug, then ceramic travel mugs are something you absolutely need to have. They do not leave stains and retain the taste of the previous drink. Usually, there are two choices of materials for ceramic travel mugs, which are stoneware and porcelain. Porcelain will be sturdier and less likely to break.

Would a ceramic travel mug be better?

First of all, ceramic travel mugs do not absorb any flavors or aromas. Therefore it is also a good long-term choice. If you are someone who likes to switch between tea and coffee, then you should definitely look for a resilient material like ceramic. Otherwise, you will spend a long time scrubbing your mug every day.

Secondly, ceramics can retain heat more effectively than glass. And even if your drink gets cold because it’s been sitting for too long. Ceramic travel mugs can also be heated in the microwave. In this respect, hardly any other mugs can be kept in the microwave.

Finally, the material of the travel mug can also affect the flavor of the drink. However, due to the texture of the ceramic material, ceramic travel mugs can better preserve the flavor of hot beverages. Moreover, ceramic travel mugs can make you feel as if you are drinking coffee at home when you are camping.

Can ceramic cups be safe to drink?

First of all, ceramic mugs are fired at high temperatures to ensure that no harmful substances are precipitated when drinking water. Secondly, ceramic mugs are very resistant to erosion and very easy to clean.

In addition to these two aspects, ceramics also provide the creator with the opportunity to showcase his artistic skills. Designers can apply all sorts of wild ideas to the design of the mug, even the surface pattern design.

Although ceramics are generally safe. However, some manufacturers do not exercise good quality control during the production process and may allow cracks to develop on the surface of the ceramics. These cracks can be dangerous, so be sure to investigate before you buy. If you are planning to make a purchase of a ceramic travel mug, feel free to contact the Becasa Porcelain manufacturer for a consultation.

Does ceramic contain lead?

Ceramic mugs are made of clay firing, and clay, a natural material, does not contain toxic substances such as lead. The so-called lead in ceramics actually refers to the leaching of lead and cadmium from pigments. Generally speaking, the pigment is fired at high temperatures, and the lead and cadmium content is extremely low. Moreover, regular manufacturers will go through strict testing when selling, and the lead and cadmium dissolution is in line with the international mandatory standards.

The advantages and disadvantages of ceramic travel mugs


1. Safe and healthy.

2. Good heat retention.

3. Low impact on the flavor of the drink.


1. Easy to break.

2. Will wear out with long-time use.

How to choose the size capacity of a ceramic travel mug?

The purpose of buying a travel mug is to make it easy to drink on the way, but the larger the size, the better. The flavor of drinks that are not finished in time will be greatly decayed after a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the capacity that you can usually drink in a short time.

For specific capacity, we can use the size of the cup in the cafe for reference. For example, a small cup is about 240ml, a medium cup is about 350ml, and a large cup is about 470ml. you usually drink how big the cup is, you can buy how big the cup is.


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