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In everyday life, everyone talks about pottery porcelain, but what is it that makes ceramic tableware such a popular tableware material? Generally speaking, ceramics are divided into earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. 

But why is it that everywhere you look you see the word “ceramic ware”?

The reason is simple: most ceramic enthusiasts associate the word pottery with the style, shape, and color of the product, rather than with the way they themselves are produced. Although stoneware and porcelain will be more similar in appearance, the main difference is the firing temperature during the manufacturing process. Therefore, porcelain will be more durable and sturdier than stoneware.

Although ceramic dinnerware people are prone to breakage and cracking, it is still ideal for daily use. As a result, many companies specializing in the production and wholesale of ceramic tableware have also emerged in the market.

In this article, we will guide you through and show you some of the ceramic tableware manufacturers and companies in the United States.


  • Location: West Virginia, USA
  • Company Type: Manufacturing, Retail
  • Year Established: 1936
  • Main Products: Dinnerware
  • Other products: Bakeware, Countertop & Accessories, Serveware

In the minds of many Americans, Fiesta is the perfect ceramic dinnerware, and its manufacturer, Home Laughlin, is based in the United States. Homer Laughlin has been making Fiestaware in West Virginia since 1936, and in addition to offering tours, people make pilgrimages to the large tent sales outlet and direct store factory in Newell, WV.

Fiesta has been at the forefront of color innovation and has become a color trendsetter in the home furnishings industry. They are also a consistent leader in bridal registries in the United States. You can visit their website directly to make your purchase and enjoy free ground shipping on orders over $85 within the United States.

Pickard China

  • Location: Illinois, USA
  • Company Type: Manufacturing, Retail
  • Year Established: 1930
  • Main Products: Dinnerware
  • Other Products: Drinkware, Table linens, Placemats & Accessories

This company is more of an exclusive fine china service for government agencies than any other ceramic tableware manufacturer, so Pickard is known for providing official White House china service. But that doesn’t mean they don’t sell to the public. Likewise, they produce beautiful dinnerware for wholesalers and retailers. The company has been manufacturing in Antioch, Illinois since the 1930s and is the oldest manufacturer of fine china in the United States.

If you would like to learn more about this company’s story, please click on the link above the title.

HF Coors

  • Location: Arizona, USA
  • Company Type: Manufacturing, Retail
  • Year Established: 1925
  • Main Products: Dinnerware
  • Other Products: Drinkware

This ceramic dinnerware manufacturer is a certified service-disabled veteran-owned small business that creates jobs and steady income for local veterans or people with disabilities. From simple American White and American Bistro lines to Frank Lloyd Wright tableware, HF Coors offers a wide variety of American-inspired tabletop items.

Bennington Potters

  • Location: Vermont, USA
  • Company Type: Manufacturing, Retail
  • Year Established: 1948
  • Main Products: Dinnerware
  • Other Products: Drinkware

Bennington Potters was founded by David Gil in 1948 and produces fine coarse pottery in Vermont suitable for everyday use. So we can say that their products are more like works of art, they don’t indulge in mass machine production, and craftsmen prefer the natural way, which is still acceptable. Besides tableware, they also produce baking dishes and flatware.

Heath Ceramic

  • Location: California, USA
  • Company Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail
  • Year Established: 1948
  • Main Products: Dinnerware
  • Other Products: Decor, Furniture, Bags & Accessories

Started in 1948 as a small pottery studio, along with Edith & Brian Heath, has evolved into a pure and simple way of life and business with shared creativity and multiple forms of expression today. Explore their store and you will find many of their products in a wide range of designs and colors to suit the styles of their diverse clientele.

Not only does Heath Ceramic create fine porcelain, but they are also interested in entering the fashion world in hopes of bringing more creative products to their customers. You can check out their latest collection by clicking on the link above.

Emerson Creek

  • Location: Virginia, USA
  • Company Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail
  • Year Established: 1977
  • Main Products: Dinnerware
  • Other Products: Bakeware, Pet bowls, Serveware

Emerson Creek manufactures ceramic dinnerware and pottery in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and almost all of their dinnerware is handcrafted and hand-painted. So it’s safe to say that each of their products is unique. According to them, each piece of pottery has to pass through at least eight hands before it reaches the customer.

If you like hand-painted patterns or hand-made tableware, you can click the link above for more product details.

In addition to these U.S.-based ceramic manufacturers, there are many other international brands in the U.S. that offer fine ceramic tableware not only in the U.S. but can even be found around the world. We will continue to explore them together.

Becasa Houseware

  • Location: China
  • Company Type: Manufacturing, Trading, Wholesale, Retail
  • Year of establishment: 2002
  • Main products: Dinnerware(stoneware, porcelain, fine bone china)
  • Other products: Home Decor, Candle Holders, Vases, Diffusers, Pet bowls

Becasa has been a manufacturer of ceramic tableware for nearly 20 years, and their superior product quality and deep customer service have made their products popular throughout Europe and the United States. Whether you are a small wholesaler or a direct consumer, you can be well served at their home. Therefore. This young company has grown rapidly over the years.

In 2020, Becasa launched the “the becasa” home brand and expanded its product lines to include cookware, kitchenware, flatware, and more. Because of their philosophy of “well made forever” and their uncompromising quality control, “the becasa” has grown rapidly in other product ranges, such as glass, stainless steel, wood, etc. You can visit their website for more information.


  • Location: Germany
  • Company type: Manufacturing, Trading, Wholesale, Retail
  • Year of establishment: 1748
  • Main products: Dinnerware
  • Other products: Drinkware, Flatware, Sanitary ware

Since the Villeroy & Boch Group was founded in 1748, the company has grown to become one of the world’s leading lifestyle brands, creating delightful moments and living spaces with the best ceramics from their Bath & Wellness and Dining & Lifestyle divisions. Although this is a company with over 200 years of history, they have always been innovative and have exceptional designs. From the tiles on the Titanic to the tableware collections made for royalty, the Villeroy & Boch brand has made a lasting impression all over the world. But their products are real a little expensive.

Royal Doulton

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Company Type: Manufacturing, Retail
  • Year of Establishment: 1815
  • Main Products: Tableware
  • Other products: Drinkware

RD mainly produces porcelain or stoneware. Their casual tableware collections are made of porcelain or stonewares. All modern plates, bowls, mugs, and dinner plates are free of animal products such as bones. They also produce a small amount of bone china tableware. Their products are simply designed but have stood the test of time, and the more you look at them, the more you like them.

Well, these pottery are displayed on their website, so make sure you visit the site to see them.


  • Location: Japan
  • Company Type: Trading, Retail
  • Year of establishment: 1972
  • Main Products: Tableware
  • Other products: Drinkware

Founded in 1972, KINTO began as a tableware wholesaler in Shiga, Japan, and established a subsidiary in the United States in 2019. Their products range from tableware and beverages to interior accessories and are dedicated to providing products that inspire and bring satisfaction with every touch and use.

Final Thoughts

We want everyone to be able to pick the tableware they like. If you are a novice, then buy products from these companies to ensure a simple, safe, healthy, and affluent life. But if you have a good understanding of the industry, feel free to leave your insights in the comments below.


Becasa Porcelain

Becasa Porcelain

We are one of the world's leading porcelain brands providing natural premium materials for everyday & evermore. We aim to inspire people to live better lives and more sustainable lifestyles. We want our products to make you feel the right amount of cozy. Becasa Porcelain, enrich your daily life!


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