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Turkey, officially known as the Republic of Turkey, is a transcontinental country located mainly on the Anatolian Peninsula in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. It is bordered by eight countries and has coastlines along the Mediterranean Sea to the south, the Aegean Sea to the west, and the Black Sea to the north.

Turkey is known for its rich history, diverse culture, and unique blend of Eastern and Western influences. The country has a population of over 80 million people, making it one of the most populous nations in the world. Ankara is the capital city, but Istanbul, located on the Bosporus Strait, is the largest city and a major economic and cultural hub.

Now, turning to the situation of Turkey’s dinnerware market, it is important to note that the dinnerware industry in Turkey has shown significant growth and development in recent years. The demand for dinnerware products, including plates, bowls, glasses, and cutlery, has been on the rise due to various factors.

Firstly, Turkey’s growing economy and increasing disposable income levels have led to a rise in consumer spending on household items, including dinnerware. As people’s living standards improve, there is a greater emphasis on enhancing the aesthetics and quality of their homes, which includes investing in stylish and durable dinnerware.

Secondly, Turkey has a strong tradition of hospitality and dining culture. Turkish cuisine is renowned worldwide, and hosting guests for meals is an important aspect of Turkish culture. This cultural inclination towards dining and entertainment has contributed to the demand for high-quality and aesthetically pleasing dinnerware.

Furthermore, Turkey has a well-established ceramics industry, with a long history of producing pottery and ceramic products. Turkish ceramics are famous for their craftsmanship, intricate designs, and vibrant colors. This heritage has played a significant role in shaping the dinnerware market in Turkey, as consumers often prefer locally-made ceramics for their dining needs.

In recent years, there has also been an increasing trend towards more modern and contemporary designs in dinnerware. Turkish manufacturers have been quick to adapt to these changing preferences, offering a wide range of options that cater to different tastes and styles.

Overall, Turkey’s dinnerware market is thriving, driven by a combination of economic growth, cultural traditions, and the country’s strong ceramics industry. The market offers a diverse range of products, from traditional and handmade ceramics to modern and innovative designs, catering to the varied needs and preferences of consumers.

In this article, let’s explore the top 10 dinnerware companies and brands in Turkey.


Karaca, Turkey’s premier manufacturer since 1973, is renowned for its high-quality tableware, kitchenware, textiles, and electrical appliances. With a sincere commitment to customers, Karaca delivers meticulously designed items of superior quality. The diverse Karaca Home Collection offers unparalleled products, ranging from tea kettles to dinnerware sets, each meticulously crafted with the finest materials. Handmade in Turkey by skilled artisans, these products honor tradition and boast a remarkable legacy spanning over 65 years. Karaca’s collection caters to all preferences, including coffee sets, bowls, and mugs.

Choosing Karaca means investing in unparalleled quality while supporting fair trade practices globally. Their cookware products prioritize ethical sourcing and contribute to fair trade initiatives, ensuring your purchase has a positive impact. Embrace Karaca for a brand that blends exceptional craftsmanship with a genuine concern for the world and the precious shared moments that enrich our lives.

Gural Porcelain

Güral Porselen, a leading producer of flawless porcelain since 1989, excels in merging traditional craftsmanship, modern production techniques, and aesthetic understanding. With vast production facilities adhering to stringent quality assurance standards, they serve customers in over 60 countries. Güral Porselen’s innovation includes the use of robotic solutions for crafting special shapes and enhancing quality and productivity.

Environmental consciousness is paramount to Güral Porselen, with heat recovery systems implemented in their furnaces, conserving energy and reducing emissions. As a proud representative of their country, Güral Porselen holds a prominent global presence, particularly in the HoReCa industry, while preserving craft culture and values at home.

Güral Porselen goes beyond being a synonym for porcelain; it represents the art of craftsmanship, embodying unparalleled quality and success. They continuously strive for excellence, passing down centuries-old traditions and aesthetics to future generations. With ongoing research and development, Güral Porselen remains at the forefront of porcelain culture, blending traditional methods with modern techniques and artistic inspiration. Each creation tells a tale of success, captivating all who encounter it.

Becasa Porcelain

Becasa Porcelain is a renowned ceramic manufacturer that specializes in producing high-quality porcelain dinnerware, teaware, and home decor. With their in-house brand, “The Becasa,” they offer a wide range of meticulously crafted products, including stoneware and bone china, that are not only visually stunning but also durable and functional. Their commitment to delivering exceptional quality has earned them the trust of 5-star hotels worldwide, making them a preferred supplier to prestigious establishments.

The Becasa” brand reflects the expertise of Becasa Porcelain, showcasing a diverse selection of styles suitable for various occasions. Customers can expect outstanding customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring a delightful shopping experience. Additionally, Becasa Porcelain provides custom branding solutions, allowing clients to create their own unique products tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

When it comes to dining and home decor, choosing Becasa Porcelain ensures an elevated experience that has been trusted by 5-star hotels and global brands. With their unwavering dedication to quality and attention to detail, Becasa Porcelain is a reliable partner for those seeking top-notch porcelain products.


Since 1972, KORKMAZ has excelled as a leading manufacturer of stainless steel kitchenware and home appliances. Adapting to the times, they leverage technology to enhance production and expand their market. Committed to its core philosophy, KORKMAZ focuses on creating human-centric, better, and more beautiful products. They understand and meet evolving customer needs with expertise and solutions that truly benefit people.

Prioritizing human health, KORKMAZ sets high standards for all products, ensuring compliance with international health and quality norms. With fruitful export endeavors, they have established valuable relationships with approximately 90 countries. Throughout its history, KORKMAZ has exemplified dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

By embracing technology and prioritizing human-centric design, KORKMAZ has earned trust as a reliable brand in the stainless steel kitchenware and home appliance industry, both domestically and internationally.

Emsan Kitchenware

Founded in 1976, Emsan is a reputable Turkish brand known for its wide range of high-quality and practical kitchenware products. With a focus on durability and performance, their cookware collection includes pots, pans, and baking trays made from stainless steel and aluminum. Emsan also offers a diverse selection of dinner sets, plates, and cutlery to elevate dining experiences. They cater to well-equipped kitchens with practical accessories like food containers, storage jars, and utensils for enhanced convenience and organization.

Additionally, Emsan extends its product line to include essential home appliances such as vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, and heaters, aiming to provide comfort and convenience to customers’ lives. With a commitment to quality and functionality, Emsan continually meets the needs and expectations of discerning customers, making cooking, dining, and daily tasks more enjoyable and efficient for individuals and families alike.

Kütahya Porselen

With a rich history dating back to 1970, Kütahya Porselen San.A.Ş. has emerged as a prominent porcelain company. Under the ownership of the Güral family, who acquired the majority shares in 1984, Kütahya Porselen has become a leading player in the industry. The company’s infrastructure includes six factories covering a total closed area of 160,000 square meters, specializing in hard porcelain, Naturaceram (also known as Natural Ceramic), ceramics, and packaging industries.

The transition to the Güral family has been instrumental in Kütahya Porselen’s success. A young and dynamic team, combined with the forward-thinking management philosophy of the Güral family, has propelled the company to the forefront of the industry. Through strengthening their design and production infrastructure, they have established themselves as one of the world’s top porcelain brands.

Today, with a production capacity of 50 million pieces per year and an impressive selection of 150 different patterns, Kütahya Porselen ranks among the top three manufacturers in Europe. The brand has gained recognition not only in Turkey but also globally, particularly in European countries, solidifying its position as a prestigious and influential player in the porcelain industry.


Porland, a renowned name in the ceramic production industry, began as a small glassware shop in 1976 with a vision to enhance living spaces. Inspired by nature’s beauty, they meticulously design and bring the purest materials into homes, striving for ultimate aesthetic appeal.

Their state-of-the-art production facilities, spanning 300,000 m² in Bilecik and 10,000 m² in Gebze, produce approximately 70 million pieces annually, with 65% being exported. Dedicated workers play a vital role, contributing their labor and effort at every stage, ensuring the creation of perfect porcelain products.

A testament to their craftsmanship is seen in their handmade decoration products. Drawing inspiration from classical Ottoman and traditional Turkish motifs, skilled artisans adapt these designs to contemporary tastes. Using traditional techniques, they meticulously decorate these products, showcasing exquisite examples of Turkish Art Deco that exude style and elegance.

Preserving traditional arts, Porland offers a wide range of products that breathe life into age-old practices. With a global presence in over 30 countries across four continents, they take pride in their collection of over 20,000 items, epitomizing aesthetics and quality. Whether for professional use or the home environment, Porland aims to provide an unparalleled experience, blending timeless beauty with contemporary sensibilities for its esteemed customers.


Schafer, founded in 2004 by Aslan Ticaret with 25 years of industry experience, is poised to become a global brand with its unique design approach. Starting with 10 products, it has become a respected entity in the Turkish zinc industry, offering hundreds of products across five main categories.

With consistent growth, Schafer moved its headquarters to a state-of-the-art complex in Beylikdüzü in 2015, with a spacious closed area of 30,000 m². Embracing a customer-centric approach, the brand reaches its audience through concept stores, shopping malls, online platforms, international markets, and retail corners, making high-quality products affordable and accessible.

Schafer stands out not only through its product range but also through innovative communication efforts, highlighting its social responsibility projects, particularly those focused on women. The brand is dedicated to expanding into foreign markets, leveraging rapid growth potential, superior quality standards, effective marketing strategies, and the ability to tailor products to local tastes and needs. With confidence, Schafer strives to achieve global brand status.

Nehir Kitchen

Nehir, originally a steel goods trader in 1981, has grown into a leading company in the industry. Since 1986, they have made a mark in the glassware industry, offering high-quality stainless steel products sourced from Europe. With a monthly production capacity of one million pieces, Nehir prioritizes providing customers with exquisite designs and top-notch quality.

Quality is the cornerstone of their operations, encompassing design, material selection, production, polishing, packaging, and shipping. With 41 years of experience and a commitment to aesthetics and trust, Nehir confidently offers a 50-year guarantee on their products, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to quality.

Nehir values its customers, employees, and suppliers as partners, embracing a motto of “High Quality and Affordable Products.” They aim to advance their production activities while maintaining affordability, ensuring their products are accessible to a wide range of customers.

RAK Porcelain

RAK Porcelain, a renowned company based in Ras Al Khaimah, specializes in crafting exquisite porcelain tableware for the International HORECA industry. With a state-of-the-art production facility spanning 100,000 square meters, they have the capacity to produce 28 million pieces of high alumina porcelain each year.

Operating divisions in Luxembourg, New York, and the UAE allow RAK Porcelain to efficiently distribute its products worldwide. With a strong distribution network reaching over 165 countries, they have formed partnerships with leading hotel chains, renowned restaurants, and catering segments.

RAK Porcelain’s products are embraced by the HORECA industry, serving as a canvas for chef creativity in prestigious establishments such as hotels, airlines, cruise liners, convention centers, and stadiums. Their high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing tableware enhances dining experiences.

With technical expertise and a commitment to quality, RAK Porcelain is a preferred choice among chefs worldwide. Collaborating with hotel groups, they offer flexibility and customization options in their premium porcelain tableware.


Becasa Porcelain

Becasa Porcelain

We are one of the world's leading porcelain brands providing natural premium materials for everyday & evermore. We aim to inspire people to live better lives and more sustainable lifestyles. We want our products to make you feel the right amount of cozy. Becasa Porcelain, enrich your daily life!


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