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Table art documents the new trends that have emerged over the years. Each era has its novelties to sublimate or facilitate the table setting. All components, including stoneware plates, porcelain main plates, and glassware, are influenced by these permanent changes. The year 2023 also brings innovations in the field of tableware. The materials, colors, and shapes of the utensils used are all new. Next, let’s discover the latest trends in tableware with Becasa Porcelain.

The most stylish material in tableware

In 2023, most household companies start to develop new materials for plates and other tableware items. The authentic and natural atmosphere becomes the focus of attention. The current trend is to use containers made of natural and raw materials. Therefore, materials such as woven fibers, wood, bamboo, and sandstone are very popular. Wood is making a comeback in its exotic form.

It is sometimes combined with ceramics to create a very stylish dual-material style. This year, tableware is also marked by containers made of chalk, tawny, slate, earthenware, ceramics, and clay. These raw and natural materials are processed through the Water transfer printing technique. The process mimics the finishes of natural materials, thus giving tableware a handmade appearance.

The most stylish material in tableware

Choosing name-brand knives for the modern dining table

The flatware trends of 2023 also mean distinctive knives. The trend is toward original and high-end knives. Choosing designer knives for your kitchen will give your table a modern twist. These pieces can enhance your dishes without trying too hard. They can help you combine work with play. Currently, you will find several sets of knives on the market that will give your table a chic and modern style. Knives with wood-effect handles belong to this category.

For example, you can choose steak knives with mahogany handles. Steak knives with custom engraved handles are also a good choice this year. You may also like knives with flared or plexiglass handles. Plexiglass knives are available in a variety of colors. Plus, they can easily go in the dishwasher. Just like knives with wooden handles, they are suitable for most of your everyday dishes.

Choosing name-brand knives for the modern dining table

Colorful ceramic tableware: the big trend this year

In 2023, the color will also be on the table. The trend is colored tableware. You can get into it as much as you like. Natural and pastel shades are very popular, as are dark or bright tones. They make decoration possible. The presence of color, for example, softens the industrial atmosphere that is increasingly rooted in the interiors of our homes. Even if you choose an industrial-style interior, it is always possible to add some color to warm up your décor.

In this case, you can choose black, matte dinner plates or wood pattern dinner plates. If you like art, you can choose orange or lemon-yellow plates. On the other hand, if you are bohemian chic, then nature-inspired colors such as beige, sage green, light brown and cream will suit your table perfectly. In addition to these colors, choose dinnerware in pastel shades (pale yellow, pink, mint green, or light blue) for a comfortable and chic style.

If you prefer lighter colors, you can try mixing and matching, including mixing different styles or patterns. Tableware with botanical or graphic patterns would be perfect. Like plates, tinted glass tableware will be popular in 2023. You will have a variety of colors to choose from. Hurry up and set a beautifully decorated table with these different colors.

Colorful ceramic tableware: the big trend this year

Ceramics, a trend that’s making a comeback

After being abandoned for some time, ceramic tableware is back on the table. This pottery made of clay is now an essential element of decoration. Moreover, it is making a comeback in many forms: cups, plates, bowls, platters, water jars, etc. This impressive return can be explained by the authentic character of the pottery and the fact that these plates are usually handmade. In fact, French tableware now combines handmade products with those made for traditional, unruly, and design styles.

Thus, the design of the new ceramic tableware is one of the advantages of this material. The new ceramic tableware is more sophisticated in shape. They are also created around humor and messages. Thanks to their patterns and decorations (flowers, animals, phrases, etc.), ceramic plates allow you to project yourself through cultures from all over the world. They make it possible to create a special decoration that is both stylish and timeless. There are also vintage models of ceramic plates that can help you add an old-fashioned charm to your table.

Ceramics, a trend that's making a comeback

Focus on the reactive glaze trend

The reactive glaze is also one of the major trends in tableware in 2023. It is a coloring technique that makes it possible to create pieces with a unique finish. This method consists of coating ceramic supports with a vitrifiable surface. These supports then become hard and impermeable. The operation also makes it possible to give relief and a color gradient to the parts. This year, the reactive glaze trend prioritizes authentic and natural atmospheres. The objective is to synchronize kitchens that are now more authentic with more natural containers.

The reactive glaze makes it possible to give different effects to the plates. Thus, when it comes around gray, provides a rocky or concrete effect on the plate. When the reactive glaze is made with neutral colors such as brown or beige, it is reminiscent of old pottery-type tableware. The reactive glaze technique also makes it possible to give a wood effect to ceramic utensils. It should be noted, however, that reactive glaze plates are not alike. They are therefore perfect choices for creating a mismatched and equally modern table decoration.

Focus on the reactive glaze trend

Asymmetrical shapes for stylish tableware

In 2023, the world of table plates is getting a makeover. Plates with smooth shapes are no longer the only ones to be invited to the table. The design of the plates has evolved enormously nowadays. Today, they can be square, rectangular, round, triangular, and even asymmetrical. Moreover, plates with irregular shapes are now very popular. From now on, soup plates with edges are abandoned in favor of the latter. These bring a plus to your table decoration. You will find on the market asymmetrical plates made with different materials: wood, bamboo, ceramic, propylene, rubber, and others.

Of various sizes and shapes (oval, square, rectangle, etc.), they adapt easily to your decoration thanks to their colors and their numerous designs. Whether it’s a vintage, bohemian, industrial, or other decoration, you will easily find an asymmetrical plate that will go perfectly with this atmosphere. You now know the new products that you can adopt at home or in your restaurant to be up to date. Adopting new tableware trends will allow you to differentiate your table and make it unique.

Asymmetrical shapes for stylish tableware


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