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If you want to make a successful hand-brewed coffee, the dripper is crucial. Today, Becasa Selects will help you learn how to get the right taste of coffee by selecting the right dripper through our barista with 10 years of experience.

How To Distinguish The Type Of Dripper

There are many different types of drippers, and there are four main factors that will affect the flavor of coffee: ribbed column, material, cup shape, and bottom hole.


We also call it the infusion slot, it affects the speed of water flow

(1) Straight short rib: usually found in trapezoidal cups, by enhancing the speed of exhaust and water flow, extending the soaking time of the coffee powder, thus making the extracted coffee taste thick-bodied and full of flavor.

(2) Straight long rib: can enhance the exhaust effect and reduce the extraction of the back-end flavor.

(3) Spiral rib: By extending the path of water flow, accelerates the water flow and makes the extracted coffee taste brighter.

(4) Ribless: By matching the cake cup filter paper, it can slow down the cooling rate of the coffee in the cup and the coffee extraction will be relatively even.


(1) Metal: mainly brass, thermal conductivity, and insulation are good, daily maintenance is not easy, and easy to rust

(2) Plastic: more heat-resistant resin, no need to warm the cup, easy to observe the cup of coffee blooming situation.

(3) Ceramic: need to preheat for warm cup, insulation performance is better, suitable for winter use

(4) Glass: high transmittance, insulation performance in general

Dripper type

Different dripper types will affect the way the coffee is extracted, thus presenting different coffee flavors.

(1) Conical: faster flow rate, when extracting, it is appropriate to use a small water flow

(2) Fan-shaped: slower flow rate, when extracting, it is suitable to use large water flow

(3) Clever cup: slow flow rate, need to use immersion extraction, and the temperature inside the cup drops quickly


Both the size and number of outlet holes affect the flow rate of water and the degree of clogging of the coffee grounds, which in turn affects the way the coffee liquid is extracted. In a conical filter cup, the larger the outlet holes, the faster the water flow. In a fan-shaped filter cup, the greater the number of holes, the faster the water flow.

This is our list of the best 10 products currently available, as well as a guide to help you choose the right coffee dripper for your needs.

  • Origami
  • Hario 02
  • Becasa Ice Pupil
  • Cafede KONA × Mr.clever
  • Hario V60
  • Kalita Wave
  • Kalita
  • Mr. Clever Dripper
  • KONO


Type: Conical linear long ribbed single hole dripper (conical + linear long rib + large diameter hole)

This cup is similar to the HASAMI M1 dripper in that the ribs are long and linear, and the 20 ridges are evenly distributed and three-dimensional, allowing the water to flow more quickly and smoothly through the coffee powder.

But a unique feature of the Origami is that it can be used with both V60 conical filters and Kalita flat bottom filters to bring out different coffee flavors. With a conical filter, you can brew a coffee with a full aroma and bright fruit acidity. With a flat filter, you get a sweet, long, layered coffee.

Hario 02

Type: Conical spiral rib single hole dripper (conical + spiral rib + large diameter hole)

It can be said that the water flow speed of this product is the fastest among these 10 products, and the extraction time of coffee is very short, which tests the barista’s water filling ability, and beginners may have insufficient extraction.

Becasa Ice Pupil

Type: Tapered linear rib single hole dripper (tapered + linear rib + large diameter hole)

The ribs of this dripper are vertically distributed in a stepped pattern, and the top 1.5cm of the cup is free of ribs, which allows the filter paper and the cup to fit perfectly and achieve a completely sealed state.

When the water flows through the infusion slot during the brewing process, the water level drops slower because there is no ribbed column and no space for gas venting, thus achieving the same steeping effect as the KONO filter cup and avoiding the under-extraction situation. This dripper extraction of coffee tastes relatively balanced and is more suitable for beginner use.


Type: Clever dripper

Immersion-type extraction, coffee tastes clean and stable. But relatively, it cannot enhance the hand-brewed coffee experience of coffee lovers because there is absolutely no need to control inject water, and draw circles.

Hario V60

Type: Conical spiral rib single hole dripper (conical + spiral rib + large diameter hole)

The classic V60 shape, the reason is that the angle of its cup V design is 60 degrees, and the difference with 02 only lies in the size of the dripper.


Type: Tapered long and short rib combined with single hole cup

This dripper has a total of 32 ribs, 16 long and 16 short. Because of the fine and smooth design of the internal ribs, the water flow will be faster than V60 and the exhaust will be smoother. At the same time, the gentler cup wall design can effectively reduce the thickness of the coffee powder layer, increase the extraction efficiency and improve the aroma. Therefore, this filter cup is more able to bring out the flavor of the front end with a refreshing taste.

Kalita Wave

Type: Fan-shaped flat bottom porous dripper

This dripper has a flat bottom and is shaped like a cupcake, which is why it is also called the “cake dripper” by baristas. It has a wave texture on the outside and inside of the kick, but it does not act as a rib, it is just an aesthetic design. The real role of the ribbed column is the filter paper, a filter paper with 20 vertical folds. This filter paper can effectively filter out the impurities in the coffee, so that the extracted flavor is mild and smooth.

The flat bottom of the cup allows the coffee powder to be spread in the filter cup at an equal height, while the bottom three filter holes form a “Y” shaped protrusion between them, so the coffee passing through the filter paper does not flow directly into the cup, but converges here and then flows out, achieving an even extraction.

Overall, this dripper is not as fast as the V60 dripper, and is a more forgiving and stable dripper, ideal for extracting full-bodied coffee.


Type: Fan-shaped short rib dripper

This dripper is designed with a wide top and narrow bottom structure, which helps to concentrate the water. Although there are three holes at the bottom, the water flow rate is still slow. The rib inside the cup is evenly distributed to ensure smooth water flow. As a result, the extracted coffee tastes warm, but also has a mellow, sweet and bitter taste, with a good overall balance of flavor.

Mr. Clever dripper

This is a dripper that combines the advantages of “hand brewing” and “French press”, hence the name “smart cup”, invented in Taiwan, China. The filter hole is designed with a movable valve, the valve allows the coffee liquid to stay in the filter cup, and then press the cup on the container after the steeping is completed, at which time the valve is unlocked and the liquid drops, much like the French press pot.

However, it also needs a filter paper filter. Therefore, it is very similar to hand brewing, with a pure flavor, but also because of the steeping, the rich and full-bodied taste is also particularly significant.


Type: Tapered short rib single hole dripper

The design of the rib for this dripper only until the middle of the inner wall, so the overall water flow is slower, thus achieving the effect of steeping. the coffee extracted from the KONO filter cup has a rich taste, but it is not recommended for beginners, as it is easy to over-extract.

Although the choice of drippers is a very important part for beginners, learning hand brewed coffee is a step-by-step process. Becasa believe that all coffee lovers can brew a excellent cup of coffee they want in a continuous learning process. Go for it!


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