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Whether you’re celebrating something special or just looking for delicious sparkling water to go with your summer dinner, we have four refreshing summer drink recipes for you to try. From the classic Green plum sparkling water to the new recipe ideas for Sunrise sparkling jasmine tea – we’ve got the tastiest recipes for summer.

Lemon Plum Iced 7-Up

1. Ingredients

The appropriate amount of soda

5-6 grain Preserved plum  

1 perfumed lemon

Ice cube moderate amount

2. Steps

(1) Make a base of 3-4 plums and half a cup of ice cubes.

(2) Stagger the lemon slices, plums, and ice cubes.

(3) Add your favorite soda/sparkling water to the glass until the glass is full.

Green Orange Plum Lemon Iced Cola

1. Ingredients

Coca-Cola 2 bottles

5-6 sugaring plums

Ice cubes

3-4 green oranges

1 lemon

2. Steps

(1) Fill a glass with 3-4 sugaring plums and plum syrup.

(2) Add ice cubes and place lemon slices, 2 plums and 2 green oranges between the ice cubes.

(3) Garnish with lemon on top and pour in a full glass of coca-cola.

Sunrise Sparkling Jasmine Tea

1. Ingredients

Raspberry syrup 25ml

Orange flavored soft drink 300ml

Ice cubes

Jasmine tea 300ml

1 slice of dried grapefruit

2. Steps

(1) Fill a glass with ice and pour in the raspberry syrup.

(2) Pour in orange juice flavored soda to half a cup.

(3) Add jasmine tea to the glass until it is full and garnish with dried grapefruit.

Green Plum Sparkling Water

1. Ingredients

Green Plum Dew 30ml

Ice cubes

Soda water 300ml

2 stems of hanging orchid

2. Steps

(1) Place the green plums in a glass with the ice cubes staggered.

(2) Pour 20ml of green plum dew to taste, fill the glass with soda water, and finally add 2 thousand leaves of hanging orchid as decoration.


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