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Tea and coffee are two of our favorite topics to talk about at Becasa Ltd. So it’s no surprise that we have a lot to say about mugs. As the weather gets cooler and colder, we decided to share our favorites. From classic styles to elegant porcelain mugs to reactive glazed stoneware mugs. We’ll start with 8 to 10 mug recommendations, but eventually, we’ll give nearly 50 suggestions with passionate depth.

What does reactive finish mean?

Reactive glaze, refers to the ware in the firing process, due to the formulation of the glaze and other reasons appear non-manipulated, unexpected glaze color effect. In short, the surface of reactive glaze stoneware is unpredictable and unique. Also, it is unpredictable in its final appearance.

Is reactive glaze stoneware safe?

Today, reactive glaze stoneware is widely popular in the marketplace. And most major retailers or brand names are selling a variety of tableware with reactive glazes. However, this name does not describe a brand or a feature. It is generally used to describe the process of achieving a color pattern for tableware. This process is also known in the pottery world as glazing. This reactive glaze stoneware is also safe for food and general use.

The best reactive glaze stoneware mugs

We want to help you find the best coffee cup for you, the cup you like to drink from. In addition to meeting your needs, it will add something to your coffee experience. Even it can become your table decor.

Marron reactive glaze stoneware mug

Marron reactive glaze stoneware mug

This reactive glaze stoneware mug has a solid color tone on the outside and a reactive glaze process on the inside. The gradual color change from the rim to the bottom of the mug looks like a stone pattern. The mouth of the mug is smooth and does not scratch the mouth. In addition, the mug is easier to lift by the ergonomic design of the handle. It is perfect for holding milk and coffee.

Blanco reactive glaze stoneware mug

This Blanco reactive glaze stoneware mug by The Becasa looks great. The mug features a solid color interior and a gradient-toned reactive glaze process on the rim. The bottom of the mug reveals the exposed clay, giving the mug a vintage look. Not only that, but it ticks all the boxes, with a handle sized to fit both small and large hands. 5 inches in diameter is wide enough to put plenty of marshmallows on your hot cocoa or latte. Even if you accidentally knock it onto the table, it won’t tip over easily.

Bead reactive glaze stoneware mug

For fast drinkers, they will also like large volume coffee. Therefore, they would also hope to own a large-capacity mug. It would be nice to be able to put soup, cereal, or even make cupcakes. Then this reactive glaze stoneware mug is definitely their first choice. The lead-free, shatter-resistant stoneware is the refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave safe. The beaded point design on the outside of the mug is stylish and vintage, perfect for decorating the table.

Verde reactive glaze stoneware mug

We love this Verde mug not only for its beauty – it has an emerald-like green color. Its two-tone design is striking, with a reactive glazed green cup and a yellow rim. But more importantly, we like it for its durability.

Nydia reactive glaze stoneware mug

Coffee lovers have more options than ever before, but it takes a lot of digging to find the right coffee mug. Most importantly, the coffee cup should be comfortable for the user. It should hold the right amount of coffee and be easy to grip. This classic reactive glaze stoneware mug is lightweight, holds 400ml of liquid, and has a comfortable handle.

Orage reactive glaze stoneware mug

The colors and glazes of the Orage range change from time to time, but the designs themselves don’t seem to change. The minimalist wheat ears lines design looks elegant. “It makes my morning cup of tea feel like I’m splurging in a cool coffee shop,” says Nina. Her previous version, however, was plain white. “But I’m seriously considering adding a reactive glaze to my collection.”


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Becasa Porcelain

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