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Halloween night is just a few weeks away, which means we’re in full holiday decorating mode. What’s even more surprising is that consumers are already spending more on Halloween decorations than on costumes, pumpkins, and party supplies this year.

The competition for Halloween decorations seems to get tougher every year. Many stores already offer a creepy selection in August. Some stores even sell out of their most popular fall decorations by mid-summer. In fact, the race for the best Halloween decorating trends starts months before you feel the chill in the air. But you can still learn how to decorate your home for Halloween with this post.

How To Find Halloween Day decorating trends?

According to statistics, approximately $6 billion is spent on Halloween-related items each year. Commercially speaking, it is second only to Christmas. From simple ceramic buckets filled with candy to interactive yard displays, there are seemingly endless ways to spend money on the scariest holiday of the year. And the idea of Halloween Day decorating trends is constantly changing.

After years of honing your own quirky personal style, it’s never too late for you to try to keep up with the latest trends via social media and your favorite home improvement stores. Of course, you can also choose to go for a fresh, stylish look. Or just add a few trendy pieces to your porch.

Skeleton Decorations

In 2021, when Dieannanol showed off a 12-foot-tall Halloween skeleton purchased from Home Depot on Tiktok, its video generated an outpouring of attention and likes. Unbelievably, it eventually garnered a staggering 238,300 likes. Since then, many people have added this oversized statue with animated LCD eyes to their collection of holiday patio decorations. So, this year, this oversized statue is still very popular and popular.

Last year, the large statue of Halloween decorations as viral spread. This collection also includes a number of other oversized Halloween statues, such as giant pumpkin lanterns, ghouls, witches, and werewolves. According to the New York Post, since Halloween 2021, these giant bone statues have been difficult to buy and have been in short supply.

To satisfy fans obsessed with the giant statues, Home Depot released a limited number of Home Accent-branded skeletons in the fall of this year. However, they sold out on the first day they hit the shelves. If you’d like to own a “Skelly” skeleton too, or you can take your chances on resale sites, you can even find the original skeleton at a better price. Of course, you can also search for imitations of other brands.

Vintage Halloween Decor

Nostalgia has been a huge holiday trend for the past few years, especially in 2022. So it’s no surprise that vintage Halloween decorations are back in vogue. Whether it’s a glass pumpkin from the ’70s or a classic crude pottery ornament from the ’90s, vintage Halloween decorations are all the rage right now. Plus, you don’t even have to spend money on this trend. Go to your attic or browse your grandmother’s basement for once-forgotten Halloween treasures. If you’re out of luck, use Becasa Porcelain‘s expert tips for vintage Halloween decorations.

Rattan and wicker are still very popular and they bring an atmosphere perfect for Halloween. Simply scatter candles, cushions, and flowers delicately to create a spooky atmosphere in your room. If you prefer delicate decorations, you can also place your candles in a pumpkin-shaped ceramic candle holder. Or rattan-shaped candle holders.

Halloween Tablescape

Creating seasonal tablescapes for each season has become very popular over the past few years, and Halloween is no exception. Stunning pumpkin tablecloths, candles, and pumpkin tableware can create a Harry Potter vibe. Again, this arrangement is perfect for any November entertaining event.

Of course, there is a party for Halloween. So horror-themed snacks, drinks, and meals are an absolute must. No Halloween party is complete without spider-top cupcakes, pumpkin-shaped pies, bloody sausage fingers, or any other Halloween-inspired recipe. However, this year’s Becasa Porcelain takes it up a notch and shatters the creepy dinner set and dinnerware of yesteryear.

All brick-and-mortar or online stores stock unforgettable trays, wine glasses, and tablecloths, such as Create & Barrel, and The Becasa. If you prefer the traditional, you may decide to purchase timeless black and orange stoneware. Or, if you prefer something fresh, look for something truly unique, such as Etsy’s coffin-shaped deli plates.

Whether you prefer the macabre or the traditional orange pumpkin look, there are plenty of complete table settings to help you understand design trends. For occasions like this, don’t hesitate to go all out and get horror dinner attendees excited.

Halloween Gonks

Halloween gonk is a popular trend now! Over the past few years, Nordic gnomes are becoming a huge Christmas decorating trend, as are large statues. So it was only a matter of time before they got a mischievous makeover for the night before Halloween.

According to Norwegian folklore, these little creatures love the cold weather and like to cozy up in the house. If the family welcomes them, they will bring good luck. gonks are on the high street at different prices, from the cheap £1.50 at Poundland to the more luxurious John Lewis. you can find the gonk that suits you.

Pumpkin Vases

Want to decorate pumpkins more delicately? Try making vases with those glorious orange pumpkins and filling them with seasonal flowers or dried flowers. Simple, but very effective. In fact, decorating pumpkins, rather than carving them, is a very important thing to do. Find some great ideas for pumpkin decorating here.

This year, Becasa Porcelain offers a vintage pumpkin-shaped vase that can be used not only as a table decoration on Halloween. You can also use it in your daily life at normal times.

Halloween Lighting Ideas

Using lighting correctly will make you a master at creating atmosphere, which is a key element of any Halloween decorating scheme. From lit LED pumpkin lights and candelabras to glowing trees, you can set the spooky scene that best suits your setup.

We also have some unforgettable ideas when it comes to planning Halloween-themed decorations. Whether you want to stay relaxed with tombstones and skeletons, or go all out to match the costume with all things vampire theme (such as bats, coffins, fake blood). Please let there be something to do in every room of the house. Likewise, we’re looking forward to you sharing your Halloween decorating ideas with us.


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