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Nowadays, the business of coffee shops is booming. In many countries, more and more young people are starting to engage and establish coffee shop businesses. Usually, they will use unique branding concepts as one of their marketing strategies. For example, they will choose attractive and unique ceramic coffee cup ideas to attract customers.

Not only interior decoration design, but the owners of the coffee shop must also pay attention to the design details of other items. Especially the theme of the coffee shop – coffee cups. Coffee cups and mugs are one of the most common items that customers use and see when they stop by your cafe.

How to choose the right coffee cup?

Before discussing examples of ceramic coffee mug ideas that you can emulate, you must first understand how to choose a unique and attractive mug design. And what kind of impact they will have on your cafe.

Nowadays, people come to cafes not just for coffee. They also come to enjoy the comfortable atmosphere and ambiance. This is why you must fully understand all aspects of your business.

The design of the objects and the interior decoration will greatly determine the atmosphere in the cafe. For example, the retro style has become popular in recent years.

Why do cafes pay so much attention to coffee cups?

The style of the coffee cup can also be a way to get your business noticed by more people. It can also be the best marketing strategy for your café. As an example, you can choose a unique and retro-style coffee cup that will attract people’s attention.

When you choose a unique and attractive ceramic coffee mug design, people will naturally share it on their social media accounts. Or they may invite them to share the coffee (mug) with their friends and relatives.

Thus, you will get free advertising from the customer experience. So that more and more people can notice your brand and may be interested in trying it. It has been proven that this strategy can be successful in bringing new customers to the new cafes.

Many coffee shop businesses have now started using this marketing strategy. But in fact, many well-known franchisees have already adopted this method as one of their daily marketing strategies.

Top 10 retro style coffee cup you worth own

Retro style is one of the best marketing strategies for 2022

In 2022, with a retro style more popular than ever, everyone is stressing the importance of personal style. And the vintage style has influenced trends from fashion to all walks of life.

And as an important place for people to socialize, cafes are naturally influenced by this style. More and more cafe owners are paying attention to the retro style and are looking for coffee cups to match it. And it needs to be attractive and comfortable to use.

What is the difference between retro cups and vintage cups?

In short, the vintage cup is actually old, such as has been used for many years. Even could as a collection. But the retro cup is new but leans on old designs. On the other hand, one speaks of retro style when a piece of dinnerware is new but has been prepared with a “used look”.

Top 10 retro style coffee cup you worth own

Retro Style Cherry Coffee Cup

Retro Style Cherry Coffee Cup

This retro coffee cup and saucer set is a great way to enjoy the beauty of ceramics while enjoying your favorite coffee or tea. With the cherry pattern and green leaves design, it is more elegant. A variety of colors are available, and this set is perfect for cafes and also makes a great gift for anyone.

Tulip Pattern Coffee Cup

Tulip Pattern Coffee Cup

This coffee cup features warmly illustrated Tulip designs by a 17th-century Dutch artist. The hand-painted craftmanship highlighted what made each Tulip unique while maintaining a distinct style.

In addition, the cup itself is produced using porcelain and will do just fine with daily use, whether for coffee, tea, or your favorite warm drink.

Mangosteen Flower Coffee Cup

This is a set of retro-style coffee cups and saucers, one of the most commonly used coffee cups in Corner Coffee stores. 150ml capacity is enough to make a cup of espresso with milk. The autumn and winter color design are full of sunshine, which can better display the coffee in the cup.

Mangosteen Flower Coffee Cup

The mangosteen flower pattern finishes with underglaze craft is full and rounded, very elegant. The brown stripes on the inside of the cup are hand-painted and fired at 1320°C for a comfortable feel. The flaring spout and high-bottom design set this coffee cup apart from previous coffee cups on the market.

If you also want to have a unique coffee mug, then you should definitely include this coffee mug in your storage rack.

Blueberry Coffee Mug

Blueberry Coffee Mug

The energetic Blueberry coffee mug by Becasa Porcelain. It features masterfully hand-painted blueberries surrounded by fresh foliage. This gorgeous stoneware coffee mug features a hand-embellished timeless pattern that will liven up any cafe.

This Blueberry coffee mug is used in many espresso bars to make coffee, frothy lattes, cappuccinos, tea, or any beverage you prefer. It is an exquisite Becasa Porcelain design piece for any home decor, hand-painted by precious Chinese artisans.

Brown Hibiscus Vintage Coffee Set

Brown Hibiscus Vintage Coffee Set

Simple and pure, the brown hibiscus finish has the fresh energy of the golden age of the last century. In addition, it also includes the rustic feel of someone who is interested in nature, once again paying homage to vintage designs.

The high-temperature firing of the underglaze color allows the lines to be fully integrated into the glaze. In addition to not being scratched and being easy to clean, it gives the flowers a slightly hazy and misty feel. We hope to use this craftmanship to restore the unique look of the old process to a greater extent.

Double Pattern Coffee Cup

Double Pattern Coffee Cup

If you are also a collector, this mug can definitely become one of your collectibles. The double-sided design features a cherry finish on one side and a tulip finish on the other side. The 300ml capacity is perfect for mochas and lattes.

Pink Christmas Coffee Cup

Pink Christmas Coffee Cup

The light pink color creates a chic and warm atmosphere. Brown hand-painted flowers have a bold and soft texture. Brown is also a subdued color, so this mug is also recommended for those who do not like pink. In addition, all of the patterns on this ceramic coffee mug are hand-painted and then glazed.

Not only is it easy to rinse, but it also ensures that the patterns will not fade at any time with the passage of time. With Christmas 2022 just around the corner, this pink coffee mug can perfectly serve as your main drinkware for Christmas. At the same time, it can be perfectly used in everyday life for all occasions.

Vintage Rose Coffee Cup

Vintage Rose Coffee Cup

The roses on the body of this coffee mug are hand-painted by a precious and well-known porcelain designer. Unlike the usual bright colors of the roses, this series uses simple earth tones to highlight the understated aesthetics of Finland’s characteristics.

A set of cups and saucers for hot drinks. Usually used for serving tea, but also for hot chocolate or coffee with milk. Did you know that these vintage-inspired teacups actually attract more customers than coffee? That’s why they are also more valuable, especially if they are hand-painted.

Retro Blue Rosemary Coffee Cup

Retro Blue Rosemary Coffee Cup

Rosemary (rosemary, an herb) features hand-painted flowers, leaves, and stripes in beautiful warm shades of blue.

The highlight of this design is the artistic and calligraphic brushstrokes that require great skill. The hand-painted nature of the patterns makes each dish excitingly unique, with colors ranging from light watercolor washes to deep, luxurious tones. This variation in color brings an exciting illusion of three dimensions and depth to the simple designs.

Begonia Coffee Mug

Begonia Coffee Mug

Tall-foot design coffee mugs are not often seen, and it can definitely be a marketing strategy to attract customers to your cafe. This coffee mug features hand-painted cobalt blue begonia flowers and leaves. The repeating pattern is mesmerizing and has a wonderfully hypnotic and calming effect. It also fits well with the environment of the cafe. The thing to keep an eye on is that this coffee mug is a smaller size coffee cup for making stronger coffee, mocha coffee. It also comes with a saucer, which is usually half the size of a regular coffee cup.

If you are going to look for a customized coffee cup of vintage/retro style, please click here and contact Becasa Porcelain, which is the one of most professional porcelain manufacturers in China. We have kind of models and patterns for your choice.


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