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Choosing your dinner set is not as simple as it seems. However, there is no question of being wrong. Indeed, a beautiful porcelain dinner set will enhance your dishes. Moreover, we can guarantee you that serving the dishes in magnificent tableware is always a real source of pleasure.

But how do you choose the right dinner service? In reality, there are several criteria to consider to make the best choice. I invite you to discover them!

How to choose the best dinner set?

Before buying your dinner set, you should find out about the following criteria:

1. The material of manufacture

Obviously, the material is a selection criterion of paramount importance. The quality, charm, and elegance of the plates depend on them. Here are what materials you will find on the market:

(1) Porcelain

Porcelain table services are distinguished above all by their finesse. They are often adorned with magnificent patterns and are worthy of an actual work of art. But this is far from being their only asset!

Know that this dinnerware, endowed with great elegance, is also robust. They are impact and scratch-resistant. You can also count on their ability to withstand extreme temperature variations.

Some can even withstand the high heat of the microwave oven. If you are still hesitating, please know that these dinner plates are also easy to maintain.

(2) Glass

Glass is the most widely used material in the manufacture of domestic tableware. Their major advantage is that they are robust and inexpensive. But the skills of the manufacturers and the techniques at their disposal have greatly evolved in recent times.

From now on, you will find glass crockery sets, more sophisticated and endowed with great originality.

(3) Stoneware

Stoneware dinner sets are also attractive and their first advantage is their solidity. Like porcelain, stoneware is a material that is very resistant to shocks and temperature variations.

There is no risk of them breaking or scratching. Moreover, you can clean them in the dishwasher. There was a time when they looked too rustic. But currently, you can find more subtle and refined models in Becasa houseware company.

(4) Wood

For some time now, wooden dinner sets have been at the heart of the trend. It must be said that they are made from a noble material. They come in two categories. There are disposable models and durable models.

Investing in a wooden dish set is an ecological gesture. It is made with natural and biodegradable material. Durable models boast great elegance, as they are often waxed or sculpted.

(5) Earthenware

The earthenware is the most recommended for daily use. His pieces are made from a traditional material, terracotta covered with pewter enamel. The earthenware set can look quite exceptional.

Available in different shapes and colors, it does not lack elegance. The problem is that earthenware is a rather fragile material. As a result, the dishes are likely to break in the event of an impact.

(6) Slate

This is another interesting choice. The slate dinnerware set has this natural and modern side that can bring a touch of rare elegance to the table. Regardless of their shape and design, plates made with this material also stand out for their finesse. They are real ornaments and they can be associated with any style of decoration and all types of cutlery.

2. Design

To choose the right diner set, I obviously recommend that you pay particular attention to the aesthetic side. It must be said that the manufacturers know how to show great creativity.

The design of the plates has evolved a lot. In terms of shape, for example, they can be round, triangular, rectangular, square, or even asymmetrical. The square plates reveal remarkable finesse.

The round models remain the stars. When it comes to color, sobriety is always a symbol of elegance. So, if you want to have a luxurious dish service, you have to opt for white.

Otherwise, you can also find quite attractive patterned models. Finally, as far as style is concerned, you have the choice between classic, top design, vintage, and contemporary crockery sets.

Of course, the choice will be made according to your tastes and your desires.

3. The type of use

Before buying a dinner set, you must first think about its use. This could be an important decision criterion.

(1) The domestic dish service:

If the dishes are intended for everyday use, earthenware models are an excellent choice. Lightweight, they are easy to store, and are inexpensive. Earthenware crockery sets go well with stainless steel cutlery.

Moreover, it should not be forgotten that they now exist in various forms and shades. You can get stylish plates for quite a reasonable price. Their fault is their lack of resistance.

(2) The dish service for entertaining

Looking for a more sophisticated dinnerware set for special occasions? The choice is endless. Porcelain, glass, stoneware, slate, or wood pieces are all attractive. You just have to choose the design and the style according to your desires and your personality. The goal is to dress your table in an elegant way, without disguising it.

4. Price

The price remains an important criterion because the choice is most often made according to the available budget. The cost of a crockery service depends on several factors, namely the number of dishes that compose it, the brand, the range, and the material. But in general, you need a budget oscillating between 20 USD and 200 USD.

5. Brand

In terms of dinnerware, the brand is a criterion to consider especially if you like luxury or if you plan to use the plates for a special meal. Several renowned manufacturers are present in the market.

Guy Degrenne, Corelle, and Villeroy&Boch are among the best. They are true specialists in the art of the table. But there are also fewer new brands that offer good products, such as “the becasa”, “Luzerne”…

What are the best dinner sets in 2022?

Without further ado, here are the best choices when it comes to dinnerware sets:

Artesano Villeroy & Boch: a refined and timeless

The Artesano Original collection from Villeroy & Bosch Group is a dinnerware set with a classic and timeless design. It is made up of 16 sturdy porcelain pieces including 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 pasta bowls, and 4 rice bowls. There is everything you need to enhance a refined dish.

This dinner set costs 329.99 USD in stores.

Trellis White Dinnerware Set: an elegant and modern dinnerware set

If you need a complete dinnerware set that is both chic and modern, the Trellis series from Mikasa will satisfy you. It is a collection of 36 high-end fine bone china. The pieces are dressed in white and have an original shape. This is the ideal tableware set for festive meals. But nothing prevents you from enjoying their charm on a daily basis.

Lenox Butterfly Meadow series: A Charming Collection

Composed of 18 pieces, with modern and aesthetic lines, the Butterfly Meadow dinnerware set is really interesting. It is composed of 6 dinner plates of 10.75″, 6 salad plates of 9″, and 6 mugs of 12-oz capacity. This is the service you need for party use.

You will also find many different variants and therefore necessarily dinnerware set to your liking.

Hoist Vintage Dinnerware set: a resistant and unique collection

In terms of quality, Becasa Hoist’s collection can satisfy you. It is made up of 16 pieces including 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 pasta bowls, and 4 rice bowls.

Resistant, light and easy to handle, the pieces that make up this dinnerware set also have a vintage pattern design but original design.


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