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Americans and Brits often argue over the ideal time for salads. Should salads be eaten before or after the main meal? Actually, it depends on personal preference. And it turns out that the utensils used to place salads are even more controversial. People often ask whether salad should be served in a bowl or on a plate.

If you are a big appetite, then salad should be more in the bowl. The depth of the salad bowl helps to slow down the loss of water from the vegetables. Conversely, if you are a very small eater, then I would recommend that you put the salad on a plate.

What type of plate should a salad be served on?

Gourmet salads should be placed on the main dinner plate. As you can see, upscale restaurants almost always serve gourmet salads on a platter.

Of course, if your main meal is a salad, please serve it on a dinner plate rather than in a salad bowl. You have to know, it’s the eyes that enjoy the food in advance before you taste it.

Therefore, high-quality ingredients also need to be more carefully decorated so as to be more attractive to the eye. Like the white porcelain dinner plate.

What’s the difference between a salad plate and an appetizer plate?

Generally speaking, salad plates are larger than appetizer plates, measuring 8 to 8.5 inches. These plates can also be used as the main dinner plate and can accommodate many types of dishes. The appetizer plate is usually used to hold the bread, butter, or deli platters, so the size is usually around 6.5 to 7 inches.

If you wish to serve salad dishes as your main meal, then we recommend that you always choose the main dinner plate as your salad plate.

When is it okay to put the salad in the bowl?

When you are at home. If you plan to enjoy your salad at home, then a salad bowl is definitely a better choice for you.

With a plate, you will need to reduce the portion size a bit to make it fit. In addition, you also need to sit upright at the table to eat. Salad bowls, however, can withstand anything you put in them without much restriction. If you put the salad in a ceramic bowl, you can even enjoy a gourmet salad while watching TV.

How big is a salad plate?

For the main course salad, a salad plate with a diameter of 8 to 8.5 inches is usually required. If it is used as a pre-dinner salad, then a 6 to 7.5-inch salad plate is actually sufficient.

What color plate salad looks best and why?

The color of the food itself is very important, especially in salad dishes. Therefore, the color of the plate that holds the salad will have a huge impact on how we perceive it.

A white salad plate is a preferred choice for salads. Because almost any color of food can’t go wrong with white. In addition, the color of the food will look more vibrant and attractive. However, a simple white salad plate can be rather dull. So you can use different shapes, such as squares, deep dishes, and shapes. Or you can choose different textures, such as frosted, or embossed.

Besides white salad plates, black salad plates are also available as one of the options.

How do you plate a salad well?

Stacked Plates

This is a more common way of serving, resulting in a hill-shaped presentation. It is usually based on leafy salad greens. Pile them up in the center of the plate first, and you can use tools to make a hill.

If there is meat as the main course, you can lay it along the slanting side around the vegetables. Finally, other ingredients with accents of color are placed on top, and the whole will be more dynamic.

Lay flat

You must choose a large flat plate! The main dinner plate is actually the most suitable. Lay the salad ingredients out flat for a more ideal presentation. For a more unusual presentation, you can start by laying the leafy vegetables on a round plate, leaving the middle open and forming a ring of vegetables. Then place the main dish (beef, chicken breast, prawns, salmon, etc.) neatly in the middle. Finally, just garnish with the garnish.


The presentation of cascading plates is as colorful as a rainbow. The colors of ingredients are so colorful that it looks very appetizing. It is also a pleasure to eat.

You can directly on the plate in the horizontal orderly placement of various ingredients. Pay attention to the layering of colors when placing.

Where I can buy the salad plate?

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